Sunday, June 22, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Practive

Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ J-Live
Album: The Return of the Magnificent
Song: Practice

I heard some old colloquialism
Statin that if you love what you do for a livin
You never work a day in your life—yeah right
But I know what they mean, some jobs'll trap you like prison
But if you hatin me, cuz all you do is process and foul
Jealous cuz I get to make beats, spin and freestyle
As if I haven't had to work in a while
Like I ain't sheddin blood, sweat, tears, stomach acid and bile
Like my workload isn't unbelievable:
CEO, COO, accounts payable
And receivable; chief marketeer and manager
Sales rep, tour van driver, baggage handler
Shiiit, like I ain't tryin to outsource and delegate
How else you think I'll ever upgrade and elevate?
But at this point in time, I got two options:
Get it done right myself or get relegated
Back to a spot where I do it for fun
In my spare time—on but wait, I won't have none
So don't come at me bout that get a real jobby job
We gonna have a problem, see, this ain't a hobby
This is practice

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