Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Tonedeff Interview,Good Read.

"A : Giving that you're also an art director, what was your idea while designing the "Archetype" cover?

T : I wanted the cover to be iconic. So, I chose to forego any photography on the cover and make it as sparse and iconographic as possible. The inner-booklet is far more elaborate than the cover for a reason.

The "Tonedeff" logo surrounded by two levels of rings. The thickest ring on the outside represents my outer shell – my skin / my public persona. The thinner inner-ring represents the more fragile layer of my personality – insecurities, pain, emotion and passion. They both come full circle to protect me/my soul which is represented by the logo, my intention held closely inside which is represented by the title. I'm kinda glad you asked me about that, 'cause I believe that's the first time I've ever explained the cover. Most people just think it's a simple logo."

Fantastic read.

Link to the full interview: Here =-)

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