Friday, June 27, 2008

Verse Of The Day: The River

artist: Noel Gourdin
song: The River
album: After Of My Time

Growin' up, it was tough
We were glad for what little we had
I saw my sheriff, old family, Mississippi
Dirt roads and Confederate flags
Everyday my father would tell me
"Son, run and don't never come back"
That's where I left my girl
That's where my heart is at, and ohh...

I held my breath when they dipped my head
Then I came up shiny and new
Found out about love in the back of my Impala
Where they laid my grandfather too
Down by the river
Where black folks gather
After Sunday service is through
How the river runs to the ocean
I'll be runnin' right back to you

I got along, I'm movin' on
I bandaged the scars of, well
I think of her, then I seem to wait
For a card or a letter in the mail
I walk the beach with the sand in my feet
Place my ear to a shell
I wonder if you miss me too
Cause I been longin' to get to you
I'm sick of starin' out my window sill
I'm tired of hopin' she remembers me still
I'm packin' my bags, I said I'm goin' back home
To the place where I belong
The river
And if she's there when I get there
I'm never gonna leave her again
You see, she stole my heart
Down by the river


So I'm packin' up my suitcase
Bought me a one-way fare
I'm leavin' everything behind me
But in my heart I always care
And I'll still be right there
Thank you baby
Cause nothin' can replace that part in my life, and...


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