Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Zion I Featuring The Grouch - Silly Puddy.

[Last Verse]

Now if you put me through any time of need
I'm sure I'll call for help indeed
Daily I stay silent, thinking thoughts at lightening speed
Heightened by the feedback and forth reciprocation
Situation rather unexplained I remain relations
In laymens it's a vibe I felt
De ja' vu inside myself
I speak it verbally
Made sure all them fools have heard of me
Believe I'm well connected
Not a prophet who's been resurrected
Trust and I expect it
When I bust it's higher effects to match your spects
Of my blue prints and the true sense of these words
God he lives within, all of this he's heard
Every word (every word)

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