Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Artist:Edo G Featuring Pete Rock & Masta Ace

[2nd Verse (Edo G)]

I wish my pops didn't die when I was seven years old
If there's life after death, is Heaven this cold?
I wish I could wipe the tears of all the cryin' mothers
Wish New York niggas didn't start flyin' colors
I wish my people stop avoidin' the truth
BET stop poisonin' youth
We need changes for teenagers as they go through phases
More than just a concrete jungle, the world got green acres
I wish I'd been more diligent
Smart cats rhyme militant
The fresh rhyme ignorant
I wish the world didn't give us funny looks
Think we all just dummies and crooks
Athletes and entertainers singin' hooks
We need more black babies that's in the books (read on)
I wish God could take away the pain
I know you wanna call me insane
I'm a dreamer

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