Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Verse Of The Day: All About The Horsemen

Artist: The Four Horsemen
Album: The Horsemen Project
Song: All About the Horsemen

Yeah, what ya'll wanna do? You wana be Horsemen
Enforcement Swordsman
Comin through, forcin all the forcin
Where it's all about murder and extortion
The mosberg aim to collapse doors in
In groups of 4's, tuck 44's in
Explore the source, regulates the horse
Spread like Sars and take flight like Concords
I'm a hog like Boss, Hyenas and Jackals
Wingspan like Teradactyls, saucy like sauces
Runnin shit like police officers
niggaz get swallowed like laucenges
Wonder where the force is, fire breathing horses
Nigga where it's all about murder and extortion
Time gettin drastic, Horsemen niggaz spit classics
Fire like motherfuckin dragons
In the middle of the sea, horses unload like Magnums
Mashin and splashin, explode like Magnums

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