Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chi-Town Gem:Below The Ground / Buried Alive

In todays day and age of anything that appeals to the listener is labeled as a classic, Hearing something from 1999/2000 that sounds fresh and sealed in a time capsule that completely reminds you of the essence of a classic is, Is truly special. With appearances from Vakill,Juice all the way to Percee P this album/vinyl is a true gem.
Vintage Juice,Vakill and Rhymefest.

A chi-town classic in its own right, The Molemens vintage production is apparent behind the rhymes of who would become prominent undergournd chi-town artists, But why listen to this lowly islander?...Listen for yourself. Think for yourself.

1. Juice - 'Period'
2. Vakill - 'Know The Bittness'

3. Mass Hysteria - 'Vocabulary Spill'

4. Rhymefest - 'Prepare For The Fest'

5. Vakill - 'Final Thought'
6. All Natural - 'Drug Wars'
7. Juice - 'Freestyle Or Written'

8. E.C. & Rubberoom - 'Taste Of Chicago'
9. Vakill - 'Dungeons 2 Rooftops'
10. Mik - 'Prepare For The Fest'
11. Vakill feat. Grand Daddy I.U. & Metamo - 'Face Down'
12. Rhymefest feat. Juice - 'How We Chill Pt. 2'
13. Vakill, Rhymefest, & Percee P. - 'Keep The Fame'

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