Monday, June 23, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Rise & Fall

Artist: AZ ft. Little Brother
Album: The Format
Song: Rise and Fall

Grindin, timin, motherfucker
Rep up, stepped up motherfucker
So quiet, coulda crept on the sucker
From behind and blew the breath out the buster
But instead held my head like a hustler
Parked up to get the sound of the muffler
Heard a clown buyed his pounds, bein fluffier
Tellin niggas outa town they be luckier
It get sad when the hood had enough of ya
Broke niggas buck at ya, poke you in ya jugular
But when you high you feel niggas can't fuck witcha
I'm surprised the nigga still had customers
Shut my eyes and inhaled my smoke
Tryna decide should I let him slide, but nope
He broke ties when he spoke his lies
Tellin spies that he hope I die so my reply is
To keep it real, I hope he can fly
Cause I'ma send him to them open skies


bananaclipse(3.0) said...

i thought you'd choose tigallo on this joint

mALiZ said...

Why do you say that?