Monday, June 2, 2008

Need some new flavor added to your musical tastes?

Try some Japanese Hip-Hop!!

While mostly consisting of producers rather then MC's,The talent in Japan can not be denied. The list is pretty small but it's growing in terms of hip-hop artists, Fresh and different is how I would describe Japanese Hip-Hop artists in a normal conversation.Nujabes, Michita, DJ Krush, SHING02 are some of the artists on the forefront of Japanese Hip-Hop.

Heavily jazz influenced beats laced with piano rhythms, Japan indeed has a very healthy Hip-Hop scene going on.

If your asking yourself if an album without lyrics can keep your attention then the answer is Yes,It can in more ways then you'd expect.Beats I would call chill to beats I'd simply call epic. In a time where alot of people are talking but nobody is really saying anything,Instrumentals can skip pass your ears and play for your soul, But why listen to this lowly Islander?...Listen for yourself. Think for yourself.


Horn In The Middle.

Space Between Two Worlds.

Eclipse Featuring Substantial.




DJ Krush
Kill Swiych With Aesop Rock.

Stormy Cloud With Ken Shima.

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Ebony Prince said...

word up. japan rules!