Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Verse Of The Day:Saves The Day

Atmosphere - Saves The Day off the album, God Loves Ugly.

First Verse.

From the fifth floor I schedule my meeting with the moon
Stress, let it go so it don't completely consume
When the vegetables bite back, and the grass starts to sting
I yell up to heaven to get me the hell out of this dream
I fell out of my stream of self-consciousness
And I got welts on my mind to signify all my accomplishments
No matter whose math you use to count the dead
Progress will never rest, in the hand that has no head
Brought my brain a cane and asked it to be my pimp
You know, to make sure I don't get stuck up in my fuck ups
A little overanxious I was, to bust nuts
And find the answers making love
Out of a canvas full of touch-ups
I dip my brush into what I've wept for
And wonder out loud as I can, how long I've slept for
I should rob a pet store, let the dogs wild
I should close all the schools just to make the kids smile
Sieze the limit, let the sky be the moment
Put the key to the ignition, I'ma ride these donuts
And when it breaks, lock the door, walk away
Won't be nothin else to talk about, nothin else to say...

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