Monday, March 31, 2008

La-Di-Da-Di! Who Like To Party?

[Slick Rick]
OK, party people in the house
You're about to witness something you've never witnessed before
Yes, it's the original human beat box, Doug E. Fresh
And his partner, the grand wizard, MC Ricky D, D
And that's me in the place to be
And we gonna show you how we do it for '85, kickin' live, alright
Because, um, I've got a funny feeling, um
you're all sick of all these crap rappers
Bitin' their rhymes because um they're back-stabbers
But when it comes to me and my friend Doug Fresh here
There is no competition 'cause we are the best, yeah
But let's impress which we prove
And ya all will realize that we are the move
So listen close so you all don't miss
As we go a little somethin' like this
Hit it

Ah yeah
You know what


Tanya Morgan - Case Of The RA

Nelly ft. Fergie - Party People

Jay-Z - Party Life

Atmosphere - Party Over Here

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