Friday, March 21, 2008

That Would be So Dope!!!


If Guilty Simpson's LB didn't leaked
If all the hip hop heads could attend the hip hop festival in ATL
If Sheek would just retired.
If 50 held true to his promise to quit if he didnt outsell Kanye
If The Roots really got Lupe on the album
If Naledge & Travis McCoy really have that song on In Crowd
If Median would drop another project this year
If there was a compilations of hip hop best acts for 08
If people would stop making reasons for Obama not to take office
If Fox News wasn't so shady
If people weren't racist anymore, seriously i knew the race card would be pulled eventually. They really don't want to see him in the race.
If pS3 wasn't so damn expensive.
If that imfamous leaked Boondocks episode started a strike on MTV/BET (lets unite)
If the nation's (America) economy wasn't failing.
If LB went back to it's orignal 3 members
If 9th dropped more collabo album this year perhaps one with Median, M1 Platoon hell even Carlitta Durand.
If Brett Farve didnt retire
If Dallas Mavericks could beat a team over 500.
If people would stop comparing every damn person to Michael Jordan

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