Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Silly Season: The New Poll Taxes!!!

As many of you know. The Poll tax and other methods like tests were used to keep blacks & other minorities out the poll booth. Well i live in Dallas, TX and we have a two part way to vote for the primaries. I've never heard of these "Texas Two-Step" voting in my life. Maybe cause for once texas's vote actually count for something with this race. Well my point is if you lived down here you probably saw or heard about the confusion & chaos. Here's how is supposely works. Your first vote is for the primaries & your second vote is for caucuses and to decide the delegrates. Now i was wondering why exactly don't we do both at once instead of coming back twice. I heard all kinds of things like if u don't vote twice your vote doesnt count at all. So many people didn't vote at all cause they couldn't come back or stay at 7. Some left because the precincts didn't even know what to do. I think its just some under-handed shit to keep people from voting. Seriously I waited in line for three hours to vote for the caucuses. All we did is sign your name on a paper and tell your candidate. So why all the hassle? In the news I saw that some people were turned away from voting because of the confusion and the police assisted in turning folks away. My neighborhood was mostly black and so many people showed up to only leave while waiting for the caucuses. It just don't seem right to me. Turning people away & false information in hopes of keeping people from voting. Think about that single parent mother with three kids who wants to vote. But can't because either she gotta pick up lil' Jimmy or just standing in line for hours, her kids would go crazy and couldn't do that. Its fucked up! Just to keep under privileged people and people without the time or patience. Alot minorities live that way. Think about it.

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