Sunday, March 16, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Sha Stimuli - All That I Got off The Wire mixtape

2nd Verse.

For some of y'all it's a joke,It's not real,
You know you not skilled but you like "Yo,He Got a deal"
And you think you can get one too, A quick one-two, A Mixtape, A Video,
It's nothing to you
A Radio spin, A DVD look,A hot beat and a hook, You throw some rhymes in and get you through the time and
Money said "I only been rappin' 6 months, I listen to mad Jigga, Heard Pac spit once, I watch a little biggie
nigga this shit is easy,I do ad-libs like Young Jeezy,I sold drugs,I've been shot, Son I swear that I'm hot"
I sit back and watch cause these pussies won't stop,Theres 22 rappers on my motherfucking block,Yo you taking up a spot
This Is All That I Got
But they don't give a damn,They tell me they the best and put a CD in my hand

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