Saturday, March 8, 2008

In The Rotation

Naledge vs. Factz - Naledge & Mickey Facts
One Of Mickey's weekly drop as he quote this month as the Collabo month. Well This track is great and has that old school trading verses thing going on with it. Nalegde is increasing on my MC list. Dude is so nice & slept on as one. And Mickey Factz is a new to me and to my iPod. Well after hearing his mixtape & a couple of his previous leaks. Dude is dope. I think if he put out a real project he'll be solidified in my list tho Heaven's FallOut was great.

Gone With The Wind - Ohmega Watts
Ohmega Watts is a MC/Producer who released a self produced album last year called Watts Happening. Album was great and this is one of the highlights of that album. Gone With The Wind ended the album perfectly. Ohmega's encouraging words and a soulful beat made this my favorite song of that album. Ohmega Watts is a great artist. Don't sleep.

The Lights - Nicolay & Kay feat. Strange Fruit Project & Nicole Hurst
Some call this the broke man's Flashing Lights well I disagree. This song is better and Nicole & Kay's singing is soothing. As S1 & Myth contribute with great verse about how artist & stars in entertainment chase meaningless things as they get blind by their own passion for stardom (perhaps more stardom).

Blackout - Kidz In The Hall feat. DJ G I Joe
Bad new yesterday is that The In Crowd was pushed back. Good news is that the leaked the second track off the album. Earlier on their recent V-Day mixtape they had a snippet of the song. Now we can hear it in entirety. This song has a nice similarity to "Know The Ledge" and does it in a original sense. Again Naledge shows a another way he can flow as he spits a old school reminisce pattern.

Lost One - Lauryn Hill
You might win some but you just lost one. I miss Lauryn.

Screamin' - Idle Warship feat. MC Chris
The recent collab between Kweli & Res is dope. This song is kinda techno yet Hip Hop. This track will probably be featured on the upcoming Kweli & Mick Boogie mixtape that will drop this monday. Res is finally getting the hype she deserves.

Extra Extra - Jay Electronica
Madlib & Jay Electronica! I love Madlib as many know. But I'm just getting into Jay Elect. Dude is nice from what I've heard & listened to. This song is my favorite from him so far dude to many reason. But the main two are lyrics on point & production is amazing.

Down In The Dirty - Ludacris
Now you might have noticed that I didn't listen Rick Ross & Bun B. Well I simply like and bumped this song cause of Luda. Kinda getting back to his old roots. Which I hope he does on his next album.

Hip Hop Nation - Channel Live feat. S5
KRS's Channel Live struck the underground spotlight with Madizm. They released their debut which I wasn't to fond of and now they ready their new album. Which if it follow suit of this song then it will be great. This song is also produced by Rawkus 50's Scanz. On this track they confess their love for Hip Hop and their favorite rappers/idols.

Endure (Oh No remix) - Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins feat. M.E.D. & Big Pooh
Exclusive track from GAM & DP's EP called "Someothaship (Connect Game) EP". This track is remix of the orginal track also on the EP but this one seems so much better. Probably the production from Oh No. The Chorus is of course sung by GAM. Pooh & MED spit great verses of endurance.

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