Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thoughts On Nicolay & Kay - Time:Line

Nicolay & Kay - Time:Line

I've been promoting this song since I heard about it & Kay's orgin last fall. Well let me briefly introduce you to Kay. Kay is a emcee from Houston, TX and has collabo with A Tribe Called Quest, Little Brother, UGK, Strange Fruit Project & Sa-Ra Creative Partners just to name a few. And most know Nicolay as one half of Foreign Exchange. They teams up to release the first project off Nicolay Music Recordings Inc.

Time:Line starts off with a little tease of Kay's lyrical ability while showcase the growth of Nicolay's production. The main theme of this album is "time" (obviously). From Birth to death, From the alpha to the omega. The Blizzard depicts the birth & beginning of life. Describing the visions of a baby coming from the woom. Though the album quickly fast forward to the teen years as on The Lights. Kay talks about how star or people in general are blinded by bling & the lights. Dreams of stardom which usually goes with a dreaming teenager. Next he talks about love on (so far) the song of the year, Through The Wind. Which can be taken as a young man meeting the women of his dreams or as Kay's dedication to his wife(much respect for that). "What We Live" is perhaps the most unfit track on this album. Just doesn't seem to fit but is a amazing song nevertheless. Thought he should have released "What We Live" on the b-side of Tight Eyes & put Stop This Way on the actually LP. Anyway I've Seen The Rivers is highly metaphorical and conscious song. Song takes its root from the Langston Hughes poem. Tight Eyes is assist with the wonderful singing of The Luv Bugz & the other half of Dem Damb Jackson, Oh No (Stones Throw). Both deliver a good performance though I've heard alot better from Oh No. "As The Wheel Turns" tells the progression of life. Wheel = Life? That my input on the concept and meaning. Around this part of the album, it get a very erry dark feeling. As the person in this Timeline turns into a criminal. "The Gunshot" featuring Chip Fu who recently remerged from the depths of shadows. This songs tell of a bank robbery as its follows with the getaway chase on Grand Theft Auto. The criminal crashes into something and now he knows how it feels when you die. "When You Die" is the strongest song, lyrically on this album and very much so. He tells the tale of being in a coma and hearing the voice of a woman, Kay's wife. She must be happy to get two strong songs dedicated to her. He awakes up and see his wife and thanks god. Now outta of his happiness he "Dancing With The Stars" with track you could easily see Andre 3000 doing. The album has a strong message and delivers its concept well. Production is top-notch & lyricism is great.


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