Monday, March 10, 2008

That Would Be Dope!


Oh No & Black Milk make a album in reminisce of Jaylib. Black No? Oh Its Milk?
Does anybody see the style similarity of Blu & Elzhi? Maybe Song? EP? LP?
9th Wonder & Jean Grae finally drop this LP...Number 8 and Love Thrist are amazing.
Tanya Morgan & Little Brother = classic
A hiphop channel that represents respectfully, Hip Hop.
DangerDoom 2? I wish.
The Game never make a ill rational & hypocritical comment or statement.
If Diddy didn't make a total fool of himself by remaking the classic play, Raisin In The Sun. Diddy got major L's for that.
If Prodigy would shut the hell up.
If Elzhi dropped an album with the full songs of those snippets
If Kay got his proper respect
If people start saying this is Hip Hop's second golden age
Mos Def & Kweli drop another album
If Common & Black Thought collaborated to make a album
If BET/MTV stopped existing
If majority of mainstream rappers start trying to do all this misc (acting) shit that they suck at and focus on they music.
If Hip Hop elitism stop.
If beef was more friendly and on the lyrical tip not all this fightin/shootin

Just Imagine


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