Friday, March 21, 2008

Q-Tip's Thought On Hip Hop's future + My Response

In the April issue of Interview magazine, three-time Academy Award-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio interviewed the front-man to one of his "favorite groups of all-time," Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest.

The interview features Q-Tip's speaking about the future of the record industry, as well as revealing that Jive Records signed the quartet in the late '80s for $350,000. In the piece, Q-Tip compares the present state of Hip Hop to the evolution of Disco in the '70s. "Hip Hop is definitely not as good as it once was," he continues, "There was a time when Disco was the shit and Steve Rubell had Studio 54. But the minute you heard 'Disco Duck' by Rick Dees, that was the telltale sign that Disco was over. I think that if Hip Hop continues on the path that it seems like it's going down, then it looks like it's not going to hold up."

My Thoughts & Response
Seriously hip hop is at it strongest in 2000s this year. Seriously stop thinking about radio and what not. Look at Little Brother, Blu, Tanya Morgan, Jean Grae, Atmosphere, Black Milk, Elzhi, Median, Astonish, Buff1, Silent Knight, Mr.J, Braille, Othello, Ohmega Watts, Kooley High, 9th Wonder, Madlib, Oh No, Nicolay, Strange Fruit Project and etc....seriously if look at the underground you'll see the greatest and that classic vibe of hip hop. Those dude making they money on tours and shows not sells..They make music for the love not the money. They know bootlegging is live and they know cause most of them bootlegged when they were lesser known. Anyway don't come dissing this generation when u dont recognize the underground. As far as Soulja Boi, Shawty Lo, Ricky Ross & etc..they just trying to earn a living, its pimpin the music i and most of you love but who gives a fuck about them and whatever they doing...They know they skills are inferior to the real artist so focus on the real MC who love the craft and stop this "Hip Hop Is dead or dying or the Hip Hop/Disco Comparisons....

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