Monday, March 24, 2008

Common speaks on The Rev. Jeremiah Wright situation

As the media firestorm swirled around Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ retired pastor Jeremiah Wright, his relationship with Barack Obama, and his controversial statements, Common felt Wright was being misrepresented.

Common grew up in the same church and shared his thoughts with

"He never really was against white people or another race. It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people. I think we all can see that this country has problems and a lot of it starts in the political system," Common explained.

"What I picked up from being in the pews … was messages of love," recalls Common. "Anything that was going against that love he would acknowledge and expose."

Common blamed the giant media wave around Wright on a conservative effort to discredit Obama.

"I think that's what American politics does."

"He's been a preacher that's helped raise one of the greatest political figures in the world and, hopefully, the next President," Common said, then added with a laugh, "He's also raised one of the great rappers in the world!"

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