Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Conclusion...

Okay I forgot to state this when I started but I was going to do this little project of picking 4 artist/groups I havent heard before but they get mad hype. Well my 4 choices were Mickey Factz, M1 Platoon, Kooley High & Astonish. Three of those I posted their work and that when I was going to say that but I got side tracked. Anyway I heard their newest works that would best represent them. And came with my thesis on each artist.

Mickey Factz
Factz, well I'm torn between saying dude is dope or average. Well truthfully dude can rap and is very talented. His last three leaks have been dope. The song with Naledge is prolly the best thing he could have did since that gives him something to be compared to. Well me, I hold Nalegde on a high platform (Him, Blu, PackFM, Lupe & Elzhi)..and Mickey is too far from that to be honest. Now his latest project is the big problem. His lyric were great, song concepts were great but the beat kinda threw me off. I was so caught up in all the things going on with the board I forgot about Factz. Beat weren't bad though but i just dont agree with the selection. They all seem a lil on the Gnarlsy side. For that fact, though i loved the tape. The beats just dont do it for me. And that really hard for me to dismiss a beat and listen to the lyrics alone and enjoy. So this is a somewhat forced liking of the tape. Anyway I think dude should team with Danny! or something. Well Mickey thats my opinion but i do like ya so continue your hustle and ill buy, download or whatever u put out...

M1 Platoon
First off, I love the idea of five MC's in this age of big egos. With the co-signing of 9th Wonder himself. M1 Platoon is a great group of guys and all have persona and charisma on the mic. But being so young (They 19, I'm consistence will be a problem. Not a big problem to them since they seemingly make each other better with one is lacking. Anyway the only thing I've heard from them and i believe is the only thing they've released is M1 Invasion. Okay, that shit was dope for real. Inconsistence wasnt there not by a long shot. Every song seemed refreshing and all of them helped sprinkle a little talent to each song. The beats were cool. The most notable ones were the beats 9th was dropping. All those were great. Yates, Beat Justice, Ka$h & Napalm beats were good in their own respect and have potential. The tape was good. Still room to grow but that applies to everybody in the world. So M1 Platoon, keep it up....dont let the haters hold you down.

Kooley High
So much positive to say about this group of talented MC's & Producers....Well when I heard the setup of 3 MC's & 2 producers, one being a woman. I though oh just some Poly Addict type shit, but naw that surpass that and have became one of my closely watched hip hop acts. Tab-One (MC), Charlie Smarts (MC), Foolery (Beatsmith), Sinopsis (Beatsmith) & Femcee, Rapsody.
Not too often you get a woman MC. And rarely do you get a good one. From GOD Femcee, Lauryn Hill to Invincible to Jean Grae, Rapsody is a little pack of dynamite. Girl got skills. The other two Charlie and Tab are also in a group called Inflowential. They are no slackers themselve. Dudes cipher with Median and held their own. So that should tell you someting. Anyway to their newest project. Summer Session, was so refreshing. Seriously it made my spring break 10 times better. The songs on SS are freaking awesome. With production from both of KH's producers & 9th Wonder. This 8-track EP is incredible. If your read a review about this project already u already read that the star track on it is, Water featuring Lazurus & Edgar Allen Floe. That track is unbelievable and produced by Ninth. Well i can't hype Kooley High anymore so just cop their EP & anything you can find from them.

So many people calm alot of shit in rap. But Astonish calls himself the Rookie Of the Year in March. Well truthfully he might be right. Dude is intropective, lyrical & real. Has a future in front of him especially teaming with Molemen. Not much is known about dude since he virtually new to the scene. Well hopefully we're hear more from him soon. But for now eat up his new EP, From Now Until Forever. After hearing the first song off of it can you seriously question the talent of dude? Well if that didnt impress you the rest of the project will. Especially when he stepped it up for Term who obivously stepped his game up for this song. There is possibly no bad thing to be said about Astonish so check him on the youtube, hit him up on the myspace & buy his project

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