Sunday, March 30, 2008

Verse Of The Day - The World Is....

Blu & Exile
The World Is....(Below The Heavens)
album: Below The Heavens

[Verse 2]
Yo, somebody once told me that I'm already in hell
Freedom's a state of mind it's just a heart of me's in hell
I freed my slaved mind so the part of me's in hell
So even when it's hard to breathe a part of me inhales
So pardon me...
you gotta try hard to be yourself...
cause you cant go to heaven being anybody else
I was raised by a reverand yet the lessons didnt help
had to get em for myself
I was told hell is hot I had to fell it for myself
so I left home
as a young child smiling as I stepped on
facin a world butt naked without my wea-pon
I lost my smile and exchange put a vest on
now that my premature stress is gone
I got problems to face as a man
I was told either you stand or you fall
long as you know that when you walk yo holding hands as a god
that alone can turn the dark
into a walk in the park
I only talk from my heart
so open yours when your listening
every man has his own heaven
the difference is the way that he envisions it so....
if you make your heaven pictureless
by the time you die youll be drifting in an imageless field
so fill your heaven full of blessing thoughts
thats real
you could stress it or just let it walk
I got a question if a man can make his own heaven
then can he make his path to get to it too
I only spit fluid truth
and I spit it for the listenas so Im spittin to you
you say it's hell I say it's bullshit were getting through
just think about it any man has his own heaven
but you gotta go through hell to be a man first
and understand 1st hell is what you choose to call the present
thats why youre going through what I just choose to call a stressin
to tell you fools the truth
I don't feel it's what I'm destined
you can call it hell but brah...
I can say Im below the heavens

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