Monday, March 24, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Hieroglyphics - Fantasy Island

First Verse [Opio]

I move with no fear cuz I smooth disappeared
they say that fool isn't here, he's sipping brew on a pier
while I'm in your boo ear spilling beer like a tear drop on her sheer
disrespecting her, the way I talk
and yet it's quite effective, it's makin her so hot
I'm ploting on rocking her boat
Put my yacht in her throat
that's an option for Op, is it logical though? (hmm?)
that's a question for Plato or Socrates
my philosophies are in harmony with the armory that march the streets of
ignoring the impossible I move like propellers on a helicopter do
so jump I'm ch-ch-choppin you
you are not a factor or obstacle or a mobster or a boss of any facet
when you see me smashin, don't start flashin and blastin, cuz we
bulletproof, who you askin?
bought my ski mask in aspen, assassin, desperado jumpin out the
the way I use this mic, like a ri-lo, bussin hi-lo's but god knows my
mottos I follow
universal law, nigga god would curse us all, a meteor could strike,
while we shoppin at the mall
you thinkin life's a joke, then you probably gonna fall, and obviously
I'm intertwined with the planets and stars

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