Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Verse Of The Day: The Listening

Little Brother - The Listening (3rd Verse) off the album, The Listening.

Phonte = Bold
Big Pooh = Italicized

Fly Motorola diploma style ice niggaz
Asparagus rosemary chips for all my nice niggaz

We roll through niggaz masked in vengeance
U-Haul emcess chasing Brown Sugars
And you thought that it would never happen

Thought that it would never happen
My clever rappin keeps my celery growing
Judy Jetson up in Elroy's thought he was home
With the Gold Bond Armor-All fatigues on
Rosey in the pantry with Velma and Shaggy getting they lean on

He sweeter that a Whitney Hous' track hittin them high notes
And Alex Keaton always frontin like he high post
Screaming on Justine when he flippin the script
Tony Danza left a playa celibate

Rippin rhymes for the hell of it
Check all these bitches on my Soul Glow city
Walkin round with Madagascar titties
Imported for my Cole Train leaves ya elephant niggaz
Yo peace Jovan the sky be purple and orange. . .

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