Sunday, March 9, 2008

Insight On Last Three Post

Okay I decide to post some artist I've discovered in the last month that make great music. Make sure to check all three. Here are very brief explanation of them.

Mickey Factz
One of the premier new artist of this generation. Hailing From Boogie Down Bronx. Mickey has been a driving force with the new generation. Recently dropping Heaven's FallOut & has gain tons of attention. Recently collabing with The Cool Kids & Naledge (Of Kidz In The Hall). Mickey is great at all aspects of a emcee. Heaven's Fallout is a great mixtape/album and really shows the greatness of Mickey.

Kooley High
Since Dream Merchant 2 dropped last year. The question has been. Who is that femcee at the end of various songs? Well her name is Rapsody & she is one fifth of the group called Kooley High. The crew comprises of three emcees Tab-One and Charlie Smarts (both of Inflowential) with Rapsody and two producers Foolery and The Sinopsis. With major support of 9th Wonder & HOJ. Kooley High is one of 9th's prized findings. Kooley High has been making move with their recent release, Summer Session EP. A great project that shows the true talent of Kooley High with the production from both Foolery & Sinopsis (3 tracks each out of 6 tracks, Foolery produces the bonus) for the first time on a real project. Also 9th Wonder produces the remaining 2 song. Kooley High is a serious entity in the underground movement. Make sure to check them out.

M1 Platoon
Murder One Platoon. M1 is another one of 9th's finding and perhaps the one he works closest to. M1 is comprised of Scoopay ,Arafat Yates, Big Chopps, Sean D & C4 Black. Five emcees which is amazing in these days of BIG EGOS. Well so far they have stayed close like family and it is seen in their music. Just like Tanya Morgan, they are often compared to Little Brother. And just like TM I say that they are totally different and are nothing alike. M1 Invasion is a great project that shows most of the aspect that M1 has to offer and it is truly satisfying.

check for some profiles of these three acts...

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