Monday, March 10, 2008

Game Rebellion,Need Some New Flavor To Your Libary?

Let me introduce you to something diffrent from the normal.

Game Rebellion.

Coming from the legendary New York Borough, Brooklyn, This hip/rock/fusion/politacal... the list can go on and on, But to save all the writing, I'll just put them in the genre FRESH!.Consitting of NETIC(LEAD VOCALS), CHEIF MED(GUITAR), EMI(KEYS), YOHIMBE(GUITAR), AARON(DRUMS), MALIK(BASS), Game rebellion makes a very unique sound, Combining rock and hip-hop to make music for a revolution.Netic is ahead of many rappers when it comes to being an MC, But when he spits over a rock sound, You just feel the emotion in his words.

They released a free(Or you could buy it)mixtape called Searching For Rick Rubin,It gives you a nice look at what Game Rubellion is about.

Heres some music from SFRR that you can listen to if your unsure about Game Rebellion.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Under The Brooklyn Bridge

89 Netic Freestyle

Back Down

99 Problems( Ft.Jay-Z)

Heres the link to the free mixtape,Here.

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