Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spotlight Album: Boombox

Raheem Jamal - Boombox

  1. When?
  2. Boombox
  3. High Energy
  4. Right Now feat. Raydar Ellis
  5. Not The One
  6. Women, Weed & Washingtons
  7. Goodvibe feat. Project Move
  8. Gravity
  9. Never Be Afraid
  10. The Thang
  11. Live It Up
  12. We Got feat. Project Move
  13. Act Right
  14. When? Part 2
(Entirely produced by Raydar Ellis)

My Thoughts
Another one of those underrated albums of 07. Raheem's debut solo flew under the radar without any notice. This album is great and deserves attention. The production is on point & the lyrics are amazing. Raheem showcases his skills through out the album. Aren't any weak songs as they all serve a purpose or meaning respectively. Raheem Jamal is a member of the group "Project Move" which appear on the album to help out their friend. Raheem should definitely keep at it. With skills like this he is bound to get his proper respect.





Right Now

We Got feat. Project Move

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