Wednesday, March 5, 2008


As The Years go by....we new more and more the new school of hip hop emerging to the occasion. Some re vamping tradition & old trades of the art. Some creating and reinventing new trades. There is no doubt that HipHop is evolving. But who are the artist leading the way that in a decade or so we will look back and see their greatness as classic and legendary. Hopefully they all can stand the test of time and have longevity.

The Cali MC, who promises to be your favorite MC by the time he's done. Blu has mad talent and crazy potential to improve on that undeniable talent.
Most Notable Track: Blu & Exile feat. Miquel Jontel - Cold Hearted

Oh No
The brother of the legendary, Madlib, Oh No is distant to be great. From rapping with greats like Buckshot, Wordsworth & Murs to producing for Mos Def, Braille & Guilty Simpson. Already proving that he can MC as good as he produces. He might be the most versatile artist that goes unnoted for his nice releases.
Most Notable Track (production) - Heavy (future single for Mos Def btw)

Most Notable Track (rapping) - Right Now

Raheem Jamal
Member of Project Move. Raheem Jamal is one of most lyrically potent artist of his age. He has a wide style of deliver that help him further throw his messgae into the face of whoever is listening. Boombox is a testament to that talent.
Most Notable Track - Gravity

The introspective, brilliant, lyrical young MC from North Caroline so you can guess he is associated with the whole LB/9th/HOJ fam. Well he is & his album was mostly produced by 9th, Khrysis, Nicolay & Zo! all of which are down with the HOJ. Anyway Median is other unique individual who has so much potiential to grow from his already great skills. Truthfully impressed by this young man. Check it.
Most Notable Track - What Would You Do?

Little Brother
Without a doubt my favorite duo ever. And the group I think that opened me up to the underground and all its buried treasures so I believe I owe LB so much. Charismatic, Lyrical, intelligent music is what LB specializes in. Even with the lost of group producer 9th Wonder(not entirely) they still not missing a step. Phonte arguably but widely considered the better of the two (though I think they are bout even) is usually the more talkative of the group usually issuing press release & statement. Big Pooh the more quiet of the two who drops constant punchlines & jab (oppose to Phontes wordplay & humorous lyricism). Check them out & their individual ventures.
Most Notable Track - The Listening

Mr. Boombox himself. Supastition is perheps the most underated MC on this. With a his most recent album release, Chain Letters which is considered to be a underground classic and is widely acclaimed and sought after. His most recent release in general is his preparation EP, Leave Of Absense which showcases Supa's skill with some of the underground's best producers.
With a rapid fire flow and amazing lyricism, Supastition is sure to drop that undisputed classic one day.
Most Notable Track - Split Decisions

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