Monday, March 17, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Living Legends - Never Fallin'

Last Verse
last night i took a field trip
kind of bent, hopped a fence
cut across a playground
and laid down in the cemetery
reflecting on my past present and current events
speech slurring venting to the moon
swear she was answering me
not literal
but in the spiritual sense
we spoke me myself and i
but i wasn't alone
in fact it felt that picture of a beach w/ footprints
in the sand
you know the poem hanging
in grandmas home
where does love come from?
where does it go when its gone
what takes its place
and why does that space turn
hard as stone
another year i am older today
in many ways ive grown
but in my head them
questions still they roam
riding the bike
she said its like cycling in circles
with your eyes closed
no hands blind faith is what she called it man
said life's an ocean with a lot of commotion
once you dive in it,Yeah it's deep
but if you could swim it ain't mattering

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