Saturday, March 29, 2008

Verse Of The Day - whutduzFMstand4?

Artist: PackFM
Song: whutduzFMstand4
Album: whutduzFMstand4?

Verse 2:

Fuck Magazines, they only give Five Mics For Money
I paid dues you faggots don't make, you Fake Moves
If you refuse the Five Minutes that it takes to sign me
I could move a Few Mill, just put me where the fans could Find Me
I'm Far More advanced than them punchlines you checkin' for
My verse could have a cancer cure - " But where the Fuckin' Metaphors?"
First Minute you Feelin' Me, next minute I'm hated
Gettin' Fan Mail now, so I guess I Finally Made it
But that don't say who I am - That's AM, I'm FM
I fiend for microphones like me and Rakim's best friend
"So what does FM stand for?!"
I don't know - it's hard to say
But none of y'all could fuck wit the man that my Father Made
These lines designed to part the way From Me and mine
Thinkin' I ain't here to stay, you must be out your Freakin' Mind
This Freestyle Movement is brutal, but it's beautiful
So all y'all sayin' Fuck Me - the Feeling's Mutual...

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