Friday, March 28, 2008

In The Rotation

Water - Kooley High ft. Lazurus & Edgar Allen Floe
The highlight of the Summer Sessions EP tops & begins my list...This song is classic 9th seriously. This rekindled my love for 9th's soulful production. The stratches made the song even stronger by introducing the artist with sample. Shit is just crazy. Also make sure to check out Kooley High because they are the future.

Be Like - M1 Platoon ft. Carlitta Durand
Another one of 9th's finding is outta DC, M1 Platoon. Them dude be hype as fuck. The mostable is Snoopay & Big Chopps but all 5 MCs are good. They have their own sort of style, not trying to beat LB or follow their footsteps. Would be dope to see a LB/M1 collabo. That would be hype. Another this track feature the one and only Carlitta Durand with the singing & 9th on the boards.

Can You Hear Me - Astonish
The self proclaimed"Rookie Of The Year" gave us great reason to co-sign that. Astonish delivers a marvelous performance on this song and his new EP called For Now Until Forever. This song touches many subject. Astonish speaks on grown men doing the chicken noodle soup and what has radio hip hop gone to. Very brave for a newcomer especially as his single.

You Should Know - Tanya Morgan ft. Naledge
TM City! really shined with their newest release, Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group mixtape. The most anticapated song least in my mind on that project is the Naledge assisted, You Should Know. "You think you know but have no idea/ we're talking cheaper then a bed from IKEA"
Nalegde puts down a great verse though he could have done better. Anyway Donwill & Von Pea give great spits as well.

Do You - Danny!
I'm not a fan of Danny's lyrical performance though it is getting better but his production is top notch. And this song is example of that. The hook is extremely catchy. Its totally abstract & soulful in it's own way. Watch out for Danny's new album, And I Love HER.

Barbershop - Murs & 9th Wonder ft. Big Pooh
My fade stay tight. But anyway this is perhaps my favorite song of Murray's Revenge or off any Murs LP. Pooh did it top notch & Murs entertained with his witty punchlines. This song is the shit so check it.

I Must Love You - Guilty Simpson
It was so hard picking a single song off Guilty's new LP. But that shit is bumping. After a few more listens and gettin adjusted. It might be the album of the year. Anyway this song speaks to Maliz. I felt like this a multiple occasion. Anyway everything from the hook to the verses to the concept is nice about this song. So big upps to Guilty for dropping a gem.

Who's That? - LMNO & Kev Brown
The single of LMNO & Kev Brown's new LP, Selective Hearing. Another gem that dropped last tuesday. I liked the video & loved the song. Kev put down some souldful heat on this LP. And surprisingly LMNO rode the beats perfectly. He finally is showing some lyrical growth.

Paper - Pacific Division ft. TiRon
I dont know much about Pac Div as of yet. I just know this song is hot. Another song talking bout a gold digging women. They impressed me with this song and probably the reason I've been check all they got on they myspace. Anyway check the video of this song on the previous post & stay tuned because your sure to hear more from Pac Div.

Love & Revolution (S.Raw remix) - Silent Knight
The artist who crafted the 3rd best underground album of the year in my opinion dropped another album in 08 with remixes of exclusive and songs off his debut Hunger Strike.
Silent Knight is another underrated, unheard of MC that deserves shine.

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