Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, Kooley High!

Kooley High

(left to right: Rapsody(girl), Sinopsis, Tab-One, Foolery & Charlie Smarts)

Kooley High is the product of five friends meeting on the bricks of NC State University with a passion for hip-hop. What started out as a hip-hop club, founded by 3/5 of the group, soon turned into an interest to make fresh music with each other. With the three emcees, Charlie Smarts, Rapsody, and Tab-One, and two producers, Foolery and The Sinopsis, this group plans to further establish the "North Carolina sound". Hip-hop isn’t new to these guys, both Charlie Smarts and Tab-One are also in the live, roots driven hip-hop band Inflowential, and Rapsody (you might have heard her on the interludes of 9th Wonder’s - The Dream Merchant Vol. 2) is a part of 9th Wonder’s "It’s A Wonderful World" record label. With the guidance of Justus League founders 9th Wonder and Cesar Comanche, Kooley High plans to turn NC into the new m.e.c.c.a. for hip-hop

My Thoughts:
Kooley High, one of the newest underground act hailing from the state of NC. With the backing and co-signing of 9th Wonder. They must have some that he likes and after hearing their newest project you can certainly see. The Summer Sessions EP is one of the most refreshing taste of hip hop in 08. This EP has everything a music lover would love. Lyrics, Smooth, Concepts, Laughs & some head nodding beats. All the songs have their own style and concept. Production wise the 8-Track EP is split with 3 beats each for Foolery & Sinopsis. With the remaining two by 9th. The most notable song is Water produced by 9th featuring Lazurus & Edgar Allen Floe. I can find no dents in the armor K. High carry proudly through the streets of NC. Rapsody the pack of dynamite you might have heard on Dream Merchant 2. Tab-One who is also in the lived hip hop band, Inflowtential. Charlie Smarts also in that live band and was featured on Chaundon's Carnage LP. Foolery & Sinopsis the two beatsmiths who showcased their marvelous stylings on the EP and also producing songs for 9th's other prodigies, M1 Platoon. But together, Sinopsis, Foolery, Rapsody, Tab-One & Charlie Smarts create Kooley High a group that will soon be a household name.


Summer Sessions EP (2008)

1. Too Late (prod. by Sinopsis)
2. Kool with It (prod. by Foolery)
3. There You Go (prod. by 9th Wonder)
4. I Wanna (prod. by Sinopsis)
5. SummerTime Interlude (prod. by Foolery)
6. We Be That ft. Halo (prod. by Sinopsis)
7. Water ft. Edgar Allen Floe and Lazurus (prod. by 9th Wonder)
8. Back Home (prod. by Foolery)
9. Rainy Days (prod. by Foolery)


Raleigh's Finest Mixtape

NC Shit

Capital Kindred feat. Median, Halo & Lazurus

Kool Wit It

Too Late

Rainy Days

Kooley High at the Local 506 (Brand-New Flava's Show)

Kooley High - Marching

Kooley High Performing Live

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