Sunday, March 30, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Gym Class Heroes - Everydays Forecast

First Verse.
You think you know, but you have no idea
This is the diary of a breathing onomanopia

Now here's another broken link for anyone who thinks my life's together
I rock a raincoat despite the pleasant weather
God's placed a permanent dark cloud above my head
But he was nice enough to loan me a holy umbrella
Well thank ya fella,
How considerate
I'm the illegitimate son of accident-prone degenerates
Today's forecast partly cloudy with a good chance of rain
So I wear my sarcasm badge proudly and
Flash a devilish grin
That'll make the most masculine Men skeptical of his existence
And when the rain begins, I take a seat to retire and admire the spectacle
From a distance
For instance, there was this cat the other day shootin me ice grills
But when I looked, he looked the other way
Now any other day
Wouldn't let this type of shit bother me
Today it was enough to make my lucky charms soggy
So finally I stepped to him
Kindly disrespected him
Looked him dead in the eyes and analyzed how it effected him
He broke down in tears talkin bout how God neglected him

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