Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is That Hot? Uhh Maybe?

Okay....i got a new idea well new to the blog but basically I'm reviewing albums, mixtapes & EPs with brief descriptions and a rating...1 to 5 scale with the half marks.....but 6's are rare and should be certified classics without the test of time but since a classic isn't a classic without the test of longevity. Its impossible to get a

Phonte - Tiggalo EP
Just now getting around to listening to this one. So glad I'm done catching up. Anywho this shit is str8 fiya better known as dylan. But Te splitting on this one is amazing. He is very underrated for his lyricism and singing. There is no weak tracks on here. But I'm fairly strict on rating so this gets a 4/5.

Buff1 - Pure

Now this was one of my favorite drops last year. Buff was surprising on all levels and I constantly question myself as in why the hell I choose to listen to that album. I heard it before the huge hype and acclaim it got late in the year....when the cover was just the black and gold not the new updated one...anyway this album touches so many subjects. Buff is a lyrical beast to be truthful and a creative genius to be honest. The production is on point and all the guest appearance are well planned and not wasted. The best guest appearance is from the legendary OneManArmy, One Be Lo on Much Better. Song is about their love for hip hop and follows Common's UsedTo Love HER theme...anyway this album is great is a 4.5/5

Super Chron Flight Brothers - Emergency Powers

To start off I was feeling this album at all. Even the Cannibal Ox appearance didnt do anything to me. Over doing the this new style cacophonous instrumentals is often done but alot of people. This is a prime example. Maybe just not my type of shit but I didnt feel it at all. 1/5

Thats all for today...but next time will be more..I Finally bought that eMC album off the Tunes so i'll give that a listen. Definitly look out for that Battle Of The Nu Skool Groups post coming sometime next week....And ill def do more albums than this new time...

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yo do you mind uploading that tigallo ep?