Sunday, March 23, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Sean Price - 60 Bar Dash

1st Verse

Jump back, kiss myself
Sean Price used to pump crack, get that wealth
Number one ranking taken, I'mma get that belt
Not a card dealer but deal with the cards that dealt
Yo, I do this for my so fly, so high niggaz
African-butt-scratching-bowtie niggaz
Ben Vereen/Chicken George, Fiddler On the Roof niggaz
Yo, I'm nice but I shoot niggaz
Ehh yo, Superfly Snooka jumping from the turnbuckle
Smoking on some shit you never smoked on before, fuck you
Yo, asked a bitch for some brains she said never
Last time I licked your balls caught high blood pressure
Evel Knievel hot wheels jumping like Duke boys (yeeeehaaah!)
Posdnous, Mase and Trugoy (what?)
Plug one in your neck and plug two in your chest
Turn around and plug three in your rest
Yo. Pop clip and then dump; hop, skip and then jump
Backseat of the car, hot chick in the front
Fuck y'all rappers, all y'all gay
Tryna sell rap and crack - John Forte
TIME! (Time?) Fifty three point seven seconds
(That's kinda fucked up, duke) Aight, it was aight! But, yo
Let's try it again! Ready?! (Ey yo. Hold up, man) GO!

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