Monday, March 31, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Vakill - Cry You A River

1st Verse.

The moment you squeezed the trigger, I felt dissed
How the hell could you be so selfish, the current events that led up to this moment
You masqueraded your death wish, you ain't think I had the mental capacity
To comprehended your troubles and theft ness
So subtle I'm breathless, Imma be just like you was my old model
That was before you murked my best friend, big cousin and role model
Left my soul hollow, now I hold bottles of E and J
And drown myself in this alcoholic slow sorrow
And I find myself not taking sips, but whole swallows
And my outlook on life's meaning is so shallow
You led by example
Your life was the blueprint I was supposed to go follow
Back to fishing due to the fact you missing
At a crossroads 'cause at the wake of your untimely demise
You sent me on a backwards mission
Shit, I only pray that Allah has mercy on your soul upon his acquisition
I can't help but find it suitable cursing
You fucked up a beautiful person
And still on judgment day I pray your sole gets acquitted
Without question I'll always love you, I just hate the horrible act you committed

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