Thursday, March 20, 2008

Verse Of The Day - Forevershine

Forevershine by PackFM off whutduzFMstand4?

[Verse 3]
Alright, let's make this official, I'm bad to the gristle
I'm reppin the Plizzle, can't guess my initials
Fah shizzle, my nizzle, Won't help if I diss you
Won't nobody miss you
Like Kriss Kross and Chip Fu
it's foul blow the whistle, may sting just a little
Yup! I'm a small dude, but I fight like I'm 6'2"
A mean individual, wit green by the fistful
My team take an L? What you thinkin is wishful
You bark like a pitbull, but bite like a shizu
Breath smellin like my dick do, your girl must've kissed you
Hollow tip bullets versus nuclear missiles
How you gonna stop the Plague, when you can't cure the sniffles?
Rhymes stored in the mental, no need for a pencil
Or Pen, when I write shit, the ink start to sizzle
Put your CD away, nobody want to hear your shit, dude
I get 50 a day, them niggaz claim they could spit too
Demo - 70 minutes, only took 2 to skip thru
I got ebony women, by the pool in they swimsuit
Now you'll never be winnin'
Diss my crew, it'll piss you off
Little kid, be gone, this is bitchproof...

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