Tuesday, March 11, 2008

That Would Be Dope! PT.2


Listening to some positive Hip-Hop on the radio
Kids started being original and not following what their favorite artist tells them is hot
If Crooked I stopped them weekly and gave us a damn album!
If people stopped idolizing dead rappers and making them out to be what they were not.
If being underground made you hot in the "streetz" and the rap game became something out of the Twilight Zone(If it's not that already)
When Hip-Hop sheds it's reputation as thug music...(I say "When" because IT WILL HAPPEN!!..Sometime..Hopefully before I die)
If Hip-Hop could influence an election!
If people just opened their eyes and minds to whats in front of them NOW and stopped waiting on the next big thing
If Rappers stopped making music that degrades women only to make themselves look better...(Seriously, This ain't the 6th grade)
Weed became legal!..(Just saying)
That people stopped with the mentality that, Poverty = Realness.
If the government confiscated all the jewelry that weighed more then 1 pound
If bitting became less of an issue and what the MC had to say more important
All of hip-hops un-released gems..."leaked"
Wu-Tang made a better album (Lets be real,It was a great album,But it wasn't "WU-TANG Great")
If going to jail made you seem like less of a man...well,In the eyes of mainstream hip-hop at least.

Just imagine


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