Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gnarls Barkley Completes Video for Run

Gnarls Barkley, the mysterious experimental pop duo consisting of artist/producer Danger Mouse and vocalist Cee-Lo, has wrapped the video for “Run”, the vigorous first single from the new album The Odd Couple.

The video is directed by the filmmaking team Happy, the partnership of Guy Shelmerdane and Richard Farmer. Since winning “Best New Director” honors at Cannes in 2002, Happy has directed a diverse collection of commercials, short films and music videos. Happy has been named among Creativy magazine’s Top 40 Directors for four straight years. The duo’s fun-filled concept is the perfect match for the rich, energetic surrealism of “Run,” casting Gnarls in an imaginary early ‘90s public access show called City Vibin’.

Contrary to rumor, MTV and VH1 censors did not reject the video because of liability issues related to strobe effects and seizures. “Initially, there were fears the video was going to fail the Harding Test,” says a spokesperson for the band. “But, for the moment, indications lead us to believe the video passed.”

The “Run” single has been rushed to iTunes early and will be released on March 24th. The Odd Couple follows on April 8th.

In other video news, Gnarls will be reuniting with director Chris Milk for “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul,” their second video off The Odd Couple. Chris Milk helmed the Grammy-nominated video for “Gone Daddy Gone.”

Gnarls Barkley is known for its adventurous videos that accompanied the hit singles from the acclaimed St. Elsewhere LP, including the shifting Rorschach patterns of “Crazy,” the expansive parody of “Smiley Faces” (featuring Dennis Hopper as an obsessive rock historian), and the indescribable “Gone Daddy Gone.”

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