Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well It's Been Kind Of Slow Latey

Yup but things should pick back up with the releases that are coming next month. Mos of the slump is cause school is starting back across the nation and well most of us go to school. So there won't be constant post like this summer but I'll try my best. But hell nothing has came out. But anyway Royce Da 59 is dropping the Bar Exam 2 on HipHopDx and I'll post it here as well. The first Bar Exam was cool. But I want a Royce album! Where that album with Premo? Though he destroyed The Return Of Malcolm. Track is tough... Anyway if somebody know where I could cop that shirt Illa J wearing here. That would be greatly appreciated. Does that new Cool Kids joint ("Delivery Man") remind you of something Doom would rap over? But they crushed that joint. Mickey Factz' The Leak 2 should drop today but till then here's some exclusive

Blu - High Music

Kay - I'm On The Run

DJ Revolution feat. KRS-One - The DJ

DJ Shadow feat. Gift Of Gab - Gabracadabra

Kidz In The Hall - Cool Like That

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