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Countdown To "There's Only One": Interview With Buff1

Buff1 Interview

PROHHS = Black
Buff1 = Red

PROHHS: Hello, Buff thank you for the opportunity.

PROHHS: So introduce yourself to the people who been under a rock.
Buff1: My name is Jamall Jernard Bufford aka Buff1 and I'm a member of the mighty Athletic Mic League kings.

PROHHS: So you have a new album coming out on August 12th. Well I've had the chance to peep and review. That joint is crazy. The production is great & your growth was evident. So between the recording of Pure to the recording of There's Only One what do think contributed to this growth.

Buff1: Just studying the art form and really being dedicated to craft. On top of that, whatever life experiences I encountered in that year. From thinking about quitting my job to dealing with people opinion of your music and what you do.

PROHHS: Alot of artist go back to listen to their previous work and critique their work to make in their opinion the next project better. So is there anything you critiqued from Pure to make yourself better in your opinion?

Buff1: Nothing specifically, I just knew that I wanted my words to be a little more powerful and have a little more impact. And at the same time show that I can come with the witty clever lines as well. Just be an overall more well rounded emcee.

Pure is one of my favorite albums of 2007 & one of my personal favs. There's Only One hasn't had much time to grow on me but I definitely like it alot. So do you try to top each project with the next or do you make a project to translate where you are now in life.

Both. I want to do better every time. But I realize people are going to receive it however they want to receive it. As long I believe I improved I'm happy. But its also a time capsule for that period in my life, so it kinda serves as both.

So what was your inspiration for Pure?

Hip Hop music and being a better human being.

What motivated you to follow up with another album a little over a year after Pure?

The positive feedback I got from Pure, my ability to create in a short amount of time, and the fact the in this internet age people have a really short attention span. I have to drop consistently to remain relevant and keep the money coming in.

So what would you want a listener to grab from "There's Only One"?

My growth, something that will inspire you do better, and to cherish every moment, person, place or thing in your life.

Did you ever meet Dilla?

Yes, once. 2004 at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It was like if I were to meet Michael Jackson when I was 5, or meeting Michael Jordan when I was 15.

Does he inspire you in anyway?

No doubt! As an emcee and as a producer. Since I don't make beats it seems weird that he would influence me but his sound made you move different to the beat, made you feel different, made you wanna sing. Plus he influenced my crew the Lab Techs a great deal which in turn influenced me. And as an emcee him, Baatin and T3 really brought style back to the table. When most cats were tryin to rip your head off they just kinda let it flow and made their voices one of the instruments in the music.

How'd you get with Black Milk?

That's my homie. I told him I wanted a beat! Haha!

So what's up with AML? Who are the members of AML?

Everybody's grindin on their own stuff (parenting, school, work, music, graphic/web designs, party promoting, businesses) and at the same time helping me with my stuff. AML is Tres Styles aka Forekast, Grand Cee, Haircut, Wes T aka Vital, Vaughan T aka Texture, 14KT and Buff1.

Are any of them coming with any projects?

Yeah, pretty much everyone is coming out with projects at some point.

Will there be another AML collective album?

Yes, cats are gonna get the ball rollin soon, tryin to be done by January.

Solo wise where are the other members of AML?

A couple projects are done, just gotta strategize now.

Do you feel that a major label deal measures success? If not what does?

No, success depends on the person and what they want outta life.

Do you seek a major label deal? How is that going?

No, the New Model allows me to not worry about a major label deal.

Do you think the positives outweighs the negatives when it comes to music and the internet?

Hmmm, for the most part I would say yes I guess.

Well Buff1 thank you again for the opportunity and I hope everything goes well for you in the future. I wish you the best and I'll keep in contact with you. Any last words?

Mic League! A-Side Worldwide! Sky Children! "THERE'S ONLY ONE"!!!

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