Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Verse Of The Day:Hi-Life

Album:Ridin' Dirty

[1st Verse]
You only got one life to live
That's all they give you to do it
You could bullshit your way through it
Or stay true, it can be complicated cause niggas
Be gettin' shot in the cross
People and names get lost
The people in the lane get tossed
The streets'll eat your ass alive
Take your positions with pistols, bare hands, and knives
And nobody's surprised if somebody
Don't survive the dusk to see dawn
It's treacherous how we was left to die
On the streets that we be on
Motherfuckers sleepin' on them corners that you pee on
Probably cause society felt they didn't belong
Now who in the fuck made it this way for us
Got all these little niggas slangin' that yay
Because it ain't like they make high levels gainable
And that punk piece of American pie just ain't obtainable
So how can I substain a full life before death
Man, I'm left out here to make it by my goddamn self
Now c'mon, who gives a damn when you can't afford the turkey or ham
Livin' off of Raemon Noodles, beef jerky, and Spam
Now that's sad, but that's a fact of life
All I can see in front of me is up for grabs
Come off that slab
Cause poverty will push a nigga over that brink
Over the edge especially if you don't know your ledge
So instead of being without, I'm hustling
Tryin' to get through these ungodly days
Thinkin' of ways to get the fuck outta this maze
A man will committ a crime 'cause a fuckin' crime pays
I'm going through a phase you don't grow out
Until there's a reason a mother fuckers gots to pour out
His 40 on the curb, disturbed and left with no doubt in his mind
But still sometimes he don't know why
He walkin' around just hopin'
He can get one more try to make it
It's bullshit he going through, but yo, he gots to take it
You can't fake it, to get that hi life

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