Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Verse Of The Day: What It Do

Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album: Food & Liquor
Song: What it Do

[Verse 3]
Now that's two TV's that's in my car
That�s not really real man that's really a fraud
It�s from the green screen
My CD might not pump on your block
but at the truck stop man I'm really a star
So how you gonna act now?
Same music homeboys hollin' in the background (yo!)
See I had to lay the smack down
Act like a X addict
Act now gateway off to the next habitat (habitat)
Couldn�t match it now I'm laying that down like a mat now (ooh!)
And checkin� for me, now they pat down like a Howard Gap found
I was hidin' in my shoes, with me and my two crews
We took from other things you ain't finding in the stew
That�s why's no booth and I'm rhymin' in the Lou, still buying the CD
That�s why I catch 'em rhymin' in to me while they rhymin' in they room
Now I'm off to Caloon for some rhymin' and some tea
My pinky up on my tea cup
If you play the DVD at the same time that you start the CD
you gon' see that they sync up
And if you happen to doubt, just play the CD while you watch the TV
and you gon' see that I'm doing what I'm rappin' about

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