Sunday, August 24, 2008

Verse Of The Day:Word...Life

Song Word...Life

[Verse 2]
By the way, do me a favor
Give it a chance, if a nigga has flavor
Years surpass now trained and it's over
I'm bein' intoxicated, now I'm kinda sober
Persons serve for purpose like workers
If this clowns is makin' Hip Hop a circus
Me and my architect, mark my sweat
Bring up the engine, better yet a Corvette
Thoughts I search 'em like a sub's emergin'
Some subjects never been touched like a virgin
Urgin' MC's, do way of my 'raft
I'm destroyin' all things to go through my path
It doesn't matter the sex type
O to C now, niggaz gettin' done by the ? in freestyle
Rhythms are constantly switchin' and changin'
Name is O.C., I wrote and arranged this
Fluctuation I add it like seized it
Before it was missed
Now more than a breeze and
Poetically astoundin', round and soundin'
My brain was paused to a beat, boomin' and bouncin'
Edo waves kickin' with the kicks asided
You must go inside and exhail, divide it

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