Sunday, August 10, 2008

Verse Of The Day:Little Weapon

Album:The Cool
Artist:Lupe Fiasco ft. Bishop G and Nikki Jean
Song:Little Weapon

[Last Verse]
Imagine if I had the console,
The family of those slain,
I slain on game consoles,
I aim I hold, right trigger to squeeze,
press up and Y one less nigga breathe,
B for the Bombs press pause for your moms,
Make the room silent, she don't approve of violent games,
She leaves resume activity,
Start and blew hearts with poor harsh wizardry,
On next part I insert code
To sweeten up the purses of murder work load
I tell him he work for
CIA with A
With operative, I operate this game all day
I hold a controller connected to the soldier
With weapons on his shoulder he's only seconds older than me
We playful but serious, now keep that on mind
for on line experience

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