Saturday, August 16, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Fresh

Artist: Cormega f/ Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Kool DJ Red Alert, KRS-One, Parrish Smith
Album: Fresh 12"
Song: Fresh

[Verse 1: Cormega]
If you could dream it, you could be it
I once sound aloud to the few guys I superseded
As you near, you hear Anita Baker playin in my BM
Indeed, I'm from the era of Patrick Ewing Adidas
The game turned public housing to areans
Bummy dudes move packs so they could buy jewels and sneakers
Money grew, some adapted, others would become distracted
Smokin woolies, openin they packs like Pookie
I'm a fiend of hip-hop, my rap is cinematic
The beat is the plot, I'm breed as a clock
G's like R-P, believe it or not
Prestigious in illusion
that it lose you, and you not hot..
You know how I do
My jewels so colorful, my daughter don't gotta watch cartoons
Dudes watch my moves, like Lebron fresh out of high school
My electrifyin skills, I'm raw

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