Saturday, August 30, 2008

My name is Moon, Tony Moon.....

Tony Moon

So I was checking my email at work during my break. I see this email from this guy named Tony Moon. I've never heard of him before but thankfully he hit me up. I checked his myspace, heard some of his ish and dude got talent. So now I want to pass the word to you of this great talent that found his way from my email to my playlist. Tony Moon....

I'll provide a link to the cover but wont post it for my personal reason but by no means does that take away from this mixtape...


Tony Moon - Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!!!

1. "Greetings"

2. "Catch You", beat: Ced Hughes

3. "What Happened", beat: Know Talent

4. "These Days", beat: Brazen

5. "Shipwreck Interlude"

6. "Evolutionary Music Snippet", beat: Anxiety

7. "Straight Poetry", beat: Mastamynd

8. "3rd Kind Interlude"

9. "Not Fertha Masses", beat: Ced Hughes

10. "Anthem Ferthat", beat: Brazen

11. "Faith", beat: Ced Hughes

12. "Creepshow" feat Pete Sake, beat: Davis Cleveland

13. "Struggle to Suffer" feat ??? and Mike-C, beat: Mr. Sick Visionz

14. "Twitchin", beat: DJ Honda

15. "Build Up Babylon", beat: ???

16. "On Top" feat Pete Sake and Mike-C, beat: Pete Sake

17. "Drunken Brother, Mike-C Post Show Message"

18. "The Day After Tomorrow" feat Pete Sake and Mike-C, beat: Anxiety

19. "Deja Vu", beat: Van Ark

20. "Drunken Bonus Verse", beat: Know Talent


Here is some background on him....


After crash landing, Tony Moon was horrified to find a world populated by humanoid billboards, devoid of all original thought, capable only of regurgitating the advertisements transmitted on all detectable and subconscious frequencies by the fascist media moguls hidden in the shadows.

As the populous drained their own true wealth building increasingly sophisticated weapons and fighting sadistic wars for the privilege of marketing the devil diamond, Mr. Moon, holed up in a secret bunker, began using his knowledge of the lost language to transmit a pirate frequency. His dense lyrics, previously undecipherable, were designed with one purpose; to overwhelm and short circuit the microchiped population.

The appearance of small pockets of awakened individuals alerted The Beast to Mr. Moon's whereabouts. His laboratory was set ablaze and the body of his work, immediately classified as a dangerous hallucinogen, was stolen in order to create an antidote.

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