Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Countdown To "There's Only One": Pure

01 Pure
02 Get To It
03 Moving Along ft Tiffany Paige
04 Slick
05 The Kingdom ft Miz Korona & Elzhi
06 I Go
07 Big Thangs
08 Pretty Baby
09 Much Better ft One Be Lo
10 FoodChainGang
11 House of Horrors
12 SUPREME ft Invincible & Guilty Simpson
13 Show Stopper
14 Hula Hoops
15 True Colors ft Now On & Monica Blaire
16 That Fonk!
17 For U

Last year I was on my Elzhi ish. I saw this album by this guy I've never heard before. What started out as I wanna check out that Elzhi joint turned to wow I just found a gem. Eventually after I purchase Buff1's Pure off So much has been said about this album lately but I was on it before the hype. I love this album and surely one of my favs and one of the best of 07. Every song has a purpose with its own unique sound. It flows together pretty smoothly. The track or combination of tracks that really grab my eyes was Foodchaingang/House Of Horrors & That Fonk!/For You. The first combo went straight to the throat of whats wrong with america & our government then finish with a thunderous jab. Well on the second combo I'm not talking about the actually song "That Fonk!" but the prologue to For You thats mixed with the song. For You has a poetic vibe that sends shivers down my spine at times. This album is definitely must have so cop Pure & There's Only One so you can have two of the best crafted albums in the last five years.

Heres some videos of Buff1 at his "Pure" album release party.

Buff1 - Show Intro

Buff1 - Slick

House Of Horrors

Buff1 - Big Thangs

Buff1 - Show Stopper

Buff1 feat. Miz Korona and MarvWon - The Kingdom

Buff1 - Pretty Baby

Buff1 - Just For You

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