Thursday, August 21, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Mikey Rocks

Artist: Cool Kids
Album: The Bake Sale EP
Song: Mikey Rocks

Hold the phone like a call on the other line
I'm on the phone with a bone of another kind
So hold on, we could roll to the other side
Side of my dome is a zone you could never find
Grip hand, you might need assistance
Trying to find where you are inside of my head
Stay in line, single file if you can
Then we can kick it like kickstands and
You know I peddle to the chain slip
So fly propellers propel us to the angels
Repelling the fellas that's jealous of the name
It's repelling to rappers as soon as I stage hit
So one, two, one, two, mike check
I'm out for high end, EQ my steps
I don't use bad grammar so please excuse this
I'm just trying to let niggas know who I is

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