Monday, August 18, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Raw Life

Artist: Foreign Exchange f/ Joe Scudda
Album: Connected
Song: Raw Life

[Verse 1: Phonte]
Rock to the rhythm, back and forth like a pendulum
Swingin' to the beat, competition don't mention 'em
A full course emcee, y'all just continental
Posted at the bar, but you only copped the minimum
While lookin' at me like what the fuck's gotten into him
They can't get a handle on the solid foundation me and mines is standin' on
Bringin' it live with no disguise or camoflauge
Dropped "The Yo-Yo" and stopped niggaz from puttin' sandles on
We handle ours from bookin' the rhyme management, killin' the wack and now
You a prime candidate for the weak shit that make the crowd stand inanimate
But at our shows they stand adamant
'Te got the corner blitz on got your quarterback scramblin'
Checkin' the sidelines to see just what the fuck is happenin'
You wanna get my playbook and examine it
Connected - $12.99 plus shippin' and handlin', nigga!

Did yall see that new promo video for Foreign Exchange's new album, Leave It All Behind? Well here it is....

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