Monday, August 11, 2008

Countdown To There's Only One: Buff1 - There's Only One (review)

Buff1 - There's Only One

Buff1 graciously drops his second album only a little over a year from his debut, "Pure". Does Buff1 suffer from the sophomore slump? Not in my opinion. This album is a big jump from Pure. Buff delivered excellent rhymes over brilliant production from The Lab Techs.

I've see Buff1 called a mix of Ras Kass and Elzhi. While I can see where you get that but does that make Buff1 a entirely new being to the hip hop world. I can see this album having the same effect that Blu & Exile's had last year. This album is majority produced by The Lab Tech. The worse beat on the album is Black Milk's beat. Now I'm not downing Black but Lab Tech are just that good. Buff picked some soulful banging beats that are sure to get a instant nod from anybody that loves music. As Buff1 doesn't waste a second on his album as every line has a great meaning and message. I've seriously listened to this album or majority of it everyday. My favorite songs have to be "Know The Secret", "Love The Love" & "Electrifying Music Maker" but the rest of the album is very listenable.

The singles for "There's Only One" are the heavy kicker "Beat The Speakers Up" & "Never Fall" featuring Black Milk. These two songs are great for Buff publicly as the heavy beat and hard lyricism is sure to catch some one's eye. While you have some what of contrast with Real Appeal & The Sky which love songs. Real Appeal goes on some real sexy ish describing the sexual need the woman has for Buff. The Sky is that clique "Ill sing you a song" type joint but backed over amazing samples. How could you skip it. There are actually no songs I would skip on this album. They are all fairly listenable.

But here is something many want to know. How does it hold up with Elzhi's The Preface? Well I love The Preface don't get me wrong but There's Only One takes the cake. I'll do a break down on that later but for now I recommend you check out the album. It releases tomorrow and you still have a chance to enter the contest to win a free copy of Buff1's CD.

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